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Japan is working to stop falling birth rates. 

Mar 02 2023

Japan is working to stop falling birth rates. The country’s Prime Minister announced last week that “the world’s third-largest economy was ‘on the brink’ of social dysfunction.” While Japan has been addressing the issue for years now, the country’s falling birth rate is only accelerating: “Births fell below 1 [million] for the first time in 2016. Six years later, the figure dipped below 800,000 — eight years earlier than expected.” According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, “the average annual decline over the five years through 2021 was 3.65 per cent.” In order to address the fact that couples’ top reasoning for not having children is because “raising children costs too much,” the Prime Minister is making plans to implement “economic support, child care services and reform of working styles” for parents. (Financial Times)