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Forever21 is banking on brick and mortar and TikTok for a financial comeback. 

Feb 09 2023

Forever21 is banking on brick and mortar and TikTok for a financial comeback. After going bankrupt in 2019, and moving through changes in ownership and leadership, Forever21 is aiming to change their course with new store approaches and a reliable TikTok following. They know it’s always been important to meet young consumers where they are, which used to mean shopping online, but now means on social media. TikTok buzz, especially in collab with influencers, is helping them rebuild relationships with their customers in order to compete with shops like SHEIN. And their once multi-level, jam-packed with merchandise stores are on track to become smaller, more curated stores designed to suit local buying habits. YPulse’s Shopping and Retail report showed last year that shopping in-person is young consumers’ preference again for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, but they still shop about equally online and in-store. (Glossy)