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Millennials need their parents’ help to pay their bills. 

Feb 08 2023

Millennials need their parents’ help to pay their bills. According to a OnePoll survey, “35% of [Mi]llennials say their parents pay at least one of their monthly bills.” Currently, housing is Millennials’ biggest expense as rent prices reach record highs, so nearly a quarter of Millennials say their parents cover their rent. The study also found that “the top three expenses still paid by parents are rent (19%), groceries (19%) and utilities (16%).” While Millennials are taking all the financial help they can get, the majority of them want to be fully independent as soon as they can: “72% plan to take on their own bills within the next two years.” YPulse’s Personal Finance and Services report data shows that 73% of Millennials are financially independent from their parents. (Fortune)