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A “textationship” is Gen Z slang for online dating. 

Feb 08 2023

A “textationship” is Gen Z slang for online dating. YPulse’s recent What’s the Situationship? trend report shows young people are engaging in all forms of committed and casual relationships; and now, more of Gen Z are involved in “textationships,” where a phone is the only way they see, talk, and “hang out” with their partners. While over-the-phone dating isn’t anything new, Urban Dictionary defines the term “textationship” as, “a friendly, romantic, sexual or intimate relationship, either brief or long-term, between two people whereby text messaging is [used] as the primary form of communication throughout.” Scientists note that texting creates an adrenaline rush, an exciting edge that allows young people to feel more confident when communicating. There’s ultimately no worrying about body language or looking cool, which is appealing to a generation riddled with social anxieties. (Mid-Day)