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These BIPOC-lead wine podcasts are giving the industry the hype it needs. 

Jan 31 2023

These BIPOC-lead wine podcasts are giving the industry the hype it needs. While connoisseurs part of the wine scene are predominantly White, there’s a handful of BIPOC podcast hosts who are stepping into the space and “challeng[ing] preconceived notions about who enjoys wine and how.” The Black Wine Guy Experience, hosted by MJ Towler, shares conversational stories with guests in the industry. The Color of Wine, hosted by Sukari Bowman, talks with professionals about navigating wine as a non-White person. I’ma Need More Wine, hosted by Jocelyn (who goes by her first name only), talks all things pop culture while sharing wine with guests. The Swirl Suite, hosted by Sarita Cheaves, Tanisha Townsend, Leslie Frelow, and Glynis Hill, dives into a series of interviews. Wine Buzz, hosted by Clinton Lee, Karen MacNeil, and Will Blackmon, discusses a behind the scenes look at the industry. Lastly, Wine and Chisme, hosted by former YouTube vlogger Jessica Yañez, talks about anything “from careers to relationships to general life issues.” (Thrillist)