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Martha Stewart owns the internet—and Gen Z and Millennials dig it.

Jan 30 2023

Martha Stewart owns the internet—and Gen Z and Millennials dig it. When celebrities dabble in too many business endeavors and partnerships, they can “risk losing their brand,” but that’s not the case for Stewart; in fact, she’s created her own “Marthaverse” of sorts. The 81-year-old has been dabbling in more than a few brand partnerships over the last several months—and most of them are targeting young consumers. Recently, she’s been in brand deals with Liquid Death, Pretty Litter, Tito’s for Dry January, and worked with BIC in a lighter ad featuring Snoop Dog. She’s also collaborated with HypeBeast clothing brands, starred in three holiday series for Roku TV, a topless ad for Green Mountain Coffee, and now Oreos (as of last week)—and this does not even include her own personal business ventures. Basically, Stewart has mastered the art of staying relevant on the internet, a goal every influencer dreams of. (Bon Appétit)