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More news publications are upping their TikTok presence to reach young people. 

Jan 26 2023

More news publications are upping their TikTok presence to reach young people. YPulse research shows just how much TikTok use has grown among young people—and our Social Media Behavioral report data also shows that 25% of Gen Z and 29% of Millennials are signing onto social media to follow news content. The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post, Sky News, and CNN all have grown significant viewership over the last two years, and they’ve succeeded in reaching a younger audience by creating the short-form video content they like to see rather than focusing on ads. For example, CNN racked up 1.3M followers and 11.3M likes since September 2021 by posting an average of 14 videos a week. The Washington Post takes footage specifically for the app and says they “want to make it look like it was shot on an iPhone for TikTok.” These pubs are finding that viral content works the most to reach young audiences, which aligns with YPulse research that shows Gen Z goes to TikTok in search of memes / viral content the most. (Digiday)