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#NoFilter selfies are out, and distorted selfies are in. 

Jan 25 2023

#NoFilter selfies are out, and distorted selfies are in. Gen Z is goofy on purpose and their latest photo-taking trend strives to stand out and look different. Recently they’ve dabbled in the 0.5 wide-angle lens for dramatic effect, artificial intelligence photo generators “for rendering you like a painting, and the lo-fi digital camera for a grainy, nostalgic quality.” But now, they’re putting a twist on the classic Millennial mirror selfie and are snapping pics in front of traffic stop mirrors instead. Sometimes called “blind spot mirrors,” and also seen in grocery stores and subway stations, they distort Gen Z’s photos by giving them a super wide-angle view. It’s now become an entire aesthetic: the hashtag #TrafficMirror on TikTok currently has over 22.3M views with some of the top content featuring skater / indie aesthetic creators unboxing their own traffic mirrors and mounting them in their rooms. (NYT)