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Maya Rudolph is replacing the M&M candy mascots. 

Jan 25 2023

Maya Rudolph is replacing the M&M candy mascots. Per the brand’s Instagram statement, they’ve decided to take an “indefinite pause from the spokescandies.” Rudolph is set to take their place as M&M’s “Chief of Fun.” The move is a result of the brand’s efforts to highlight diversity and inclusion among their famous colorful chocolate candies who went through a major rebranding last year. The change invoked controversy among conservative commentators who claimed the spokescandies are too “woke.” M&M’s statement directly addresses America and says they had no idea the changes they’ve made would “break the internet.” However, brands are known to make publicity stunts and create buzz ahead of the Super Bowl ad frenzy, and the change isn’t necessarily permanent. YPulse research shows that while celebs and influencers are still popular ways to engage with these users, more brands have been making their mascots the face of their TikTok channels to interact with young consumers. (Marketing Dive)