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Gen Z is in their “weird girl era”—they’re unapologetically dressing for themselves. 

Jan 24 2023

Gen Z is in their “weird girl era”—they’re unapologetically dressing for themselves. While there’s nothing new about this fashion style, it’s being considered more a lifestyle than an aesthetic trend by Gen Z fashionistas. The White Lotus nailed the weird girl aesthetic with their Gen Z character Portia, who quickly became a style icon IRL. On TikTok, creators Rian Phin, Clara Perlmutter, Kristen Bateman, Shuang Bright, and Mandy Lee all embody the style with a carefully, yet chaotic mix of secondhand and new clothes typically found on Depop or in Goodwill. Plus, the weird girl look goes beyond clothes, for example, someone in their “weird girl era” populates their Instagram feed with blurry photo dumps and uploads their “outfit of the day” videos (that consist of a breakdown of what they’re wearing from where) on their TikTok. The mix-match looks involve a lots of layers and patterns that often highlight “an undercurrent of Y2K nostalgia and Gilded Age femininity. It feels comfortably out of time, mashing together eras and ideas in a sort of trend-proof abandon.” (Glamour)