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HipDot is launching Y2K emo music-themed makeup palettes.

Jan 18 2023

HipDot is launching Y2K emo music-themed makeup palettes. The indie-makeup brand is known for their outlandish collabs (i.e. ramen noodlesPeeps, and Girl Scout cookies) and the brand’s latest collection features “two eyeshadow palettes shaped like CDs for the rock bands Evanescence and Korn.” HipDot’s CEO says the collab makes perfect sense (this time) because “music evokes moods and feelings the same way beauty does.” After Korn promoted the collab on their YouTube channel, the palette has already sold out. HipDot continues to be successful by reaching young consumers though immersive and niche collabs like this, rather than simply slapping a logo on their product. Weird marketing is still as popular as ever and YPulse’s Future of Experiences trend research found that 43% of 13-39-year-olds say they have purchased a special edition / limited release item from a brand. (Glossy)