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Are video games actually making young adults smarter?

Jan 06 2023

Are video games actually making young adults smarter? New research from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that young adults who are gaming consistently are displaying signs of improved executive functioning. The study looked at a small group of frequent (11 hours/per week on average) vs casual (1.5 hours per week on average) early 20-something male gamers and found that “when reviewing their success on reaction time tests and decision-making, experienced gamers were more successful than casual gamers.” After looking for the negative consequences of video gaming (particularly the prevalence of violence centered plots) for years, more researchers are examining the unexpected positive effects of gaming—like improved executive functioning skills. YPulse’s Gaming report data shows that the majority of young people are gaming weekly and nearly a quarter of Millennials say they play games to keep their minds sharp and to challenge themselves. (PsyPost)