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A new TikTok trend has women sharing their “pregnancy noses.” 

Jan 06 2023

A new TikTok trend has women sharing their “pregnancy noses.” Millennials are being honest about parenting on TikTok, starting with getting real about the side effects of pregnancy, including the weird ones. Users have been posting before and after content under the hashtag #PregnancyNose, which currently has over 29 million views, showing how their noses transformed while carrying a child—some swelling and expanding to the point that, as one user put it, “I morphed into a whole new person.” While it hasn’t been widely talked about in the past, pregnancy nose is common and, yes, due to hormonal changes. But it’s yet another example of a new generation of parents using social media to normalize things that might not be widely discussed—using their dark humor of course. (NBC)