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Netflix’s Wednesday’s treatment of Black characters is causing some backlash. 

Jan 04 2023

Netflix’s Wednesday’s treatment of Black characters is causing some backlash. The show ignited a ton of hype and social media discourse, and part of those hot takes included valid critiques of the show’s Black characters. TikToker @aiyanaishmael went viral for a short video showing love for the character Bianca Barclay, played by Joy Sunday, as the popular TikTok sound, “love a Black woman from infinity to infinity” played. But in the comments section, users expressed wanting more of Bianca and her mother in the show’s future. Bianca’s story wasn’t fully explored in the series’ first season and viewers are disappointed with the direction Bianca’s character went, but also hopeful that “Bianca serves as a beacon of hope for Black girls in supernatural stories.” YPulse’s data shows that 68% of 13-39-year-old BIPOC consumers feel like TV shows / movies stereotype people that look like them, and only 35% of BIPOC consumers say they often see their identity represented in media and brand ads compared to 54% of White / Non-Hispanic consumers. (Refinery29)