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Weather is a major determining factor in Gen Z’s shopping behaviors. 

Dec 08 2022

Weather is a major determining factor in Gen Z’s shopping behaviors. IBM Watson Advertising’s research found that “62% of Gen Zers state that weather significantly impacts their emotional well-being, 12% higher than the general population.” Plus, 59% of Gen Z said that the weather “impacts the personal care or beauty products they use every day.” We know that brands who hop on viral trends are sure to reach Gen Z, but according to YouTube’s Culture and Trends report, “65% of Gen Zers believe that content that is personally relevant to them is more important than ‘viral’ content.” YPulse research shows that Gen Z is more likely than Millennials to say that brands don’t understand people their age, with 64% agreeing with this statement compared to 49% of Millennials. For Gen Z, authenticity and relatability from brands is important and one (sometimes overlooked) way to connect with them is through the weather. (Adweek)