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Online retailer DressX is at the forefront of fashion in the metaverse. 

Dec 08 2022

Online retailer DressX is at the forefront of fashion in the metaverse. Ukrainian founders Natalia Modenova and Daria Shapovalova launched DressX in 2020 and have been expanding their virtual fashion ever since. DressX, who mainly sells digital fashion for avatars and images, has partnered with Coca-Cola on a special collection and over the summer, the brand “became the first digital-only fashion company to provide apparel for Meta‘s new avatar-fashion marketplace.” Ranging from affordable ($5) to high-end ($1,500), DressX’s futuristic fashion pieces aim to achieve design feats in the industry that can’t really be done IRL. Applied to a digital photo of the buyer or on avatars in the metaverse, (and hot Gen Z platforms like Roblox) DressX designs are “often futuristic, conceptual, or structural in a way that would make physical versions impossible for humans to don.” YPulse’s Metaverse trend report data shows that 74% of Gen Z has purchased or is interested in purchasing clothing / accessories for their avatar in a virtual world. (WSJ)