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Some creators on TikTok are romanticizing their return to the office. 

Nov 30 2022

Some creators on TikTok are romanticizing their return to the office. “Day In The Life” videos are a huge category on Gen Z’s favorite social platform with the hashtags #DayInThe Life currently at 9.3B views and #DayInTheLifeAtWork currently at 233K views. YPulse’s Main Character Energy trend report data shows that 58% of Gen Z and Millennials say that they romanticize their lives—and it’s absolutely flourishing on TikTok. Recently, creators are posting clips of their daily commute to the sound of Dream by The Cranberries or shots of their lunch break in their gray cubicles to easy acoustic rhythms. While it may seem mundane to some, viewers are eating the content up, commenting things like “Manifesting this” on such videos. Much of #CareerTok is aimed at remote work content since the pandemic, but young workers are showing off how they can romanticize their in-office lives to make them more fun. (NYT)