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TikTokers have made their own language to get past strict content barriers. 

Nov 23 2022

TikTokers have made their own language to get past strict content barriers. Since the pandemic, or “panoramic / panini press” to Gen Z on TikTok, there’s been an emergence of slang words created to replace terms that often get flagged as misinformation or inappropriate on the app. It’s a way for users to “get around moderation rules by misspelling, replacing or finding new ways of signifying words that might otherwise be red flags leading to delays in posting.” But the slang has evolved into a very specific language of its own now that there’s so many words, such as “leg booty” for “LGBTQ,” “cornucopia” for “homophobia,” and “seggs” instead of “sex.” Other code words simply involve a letter change, like “le$bian with a dollar sign, for example, which TikTok’s text-to-speech feature pronounces ‘le dollar bean.’” Those who use many of these terms are bound to get banned, so this is Gen Z’s way around that. The new vocabulary is known as “algospeak” in technical terms and it’s not necessarily unique to TikTok. (NYT)