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Macy’s is coming back to the metaverse for a virtual parade. 

Nov 23 2022

Macy’s is coming back to the metaverse for a virtual parade. Alongside their in-person Thanksgiving festivities, Macy’s is hosting a virtual parade that will feature “balloons spanning Macy’s nine-decade run of the real-life event.” Inside the virtual space, visitors will have access to a range of NFT experiences including a gallery collection from creators Boss Beauties, Cool Cats, gmoney, SupDucks and VeeFriends. From Thanksgiving Day through December 4, users will be able to vote for their favorite design and the winner will have an IRL balloon float featured in next year’s parade. Aside from Thanksgiving, “users can mint a virtual gallery pass for $50 to gain access to an OnCyber NFT gallery space that will be airdropped Dec. 5” and all proceeds will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. YPulse research shows that metaverse events are growing more popular: 23% of Gen Z and Millennials have already attended a virtual brand event, but another 46% are interested in doing so. (Marketing Dive)