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Millennials are “kidulting” to better their mental health. 

Nov 23 2022

Millennials are “kidulting” to better their mental health. Healing your inner child has become a popular phrase and Millennials are doing so through child-like play that invokes a comfortable nostalgia for them. Basically “kidulting” involves “recreat[ing] childhood memories by partaking in activities generally considered for children.” While this may look different for everyone, some popular methods include playing Animal Crossing, looking at Polly Pocket themed content on Instagram, making arts-and-crafts, and getting back on The Sims. Data from NPD Group, shows that as more “kidults” partake in these types of activities, they’ve “helped U.S. toy sales surge 37% over two years to $28.6 billion in 2021.” YPulse’s Playtime trend report data shows that 74% of 19-37-year-olds say they miss being younger and 48% say they play online / mobile games to relieve stress. (Huff Post)