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Ticketmaster is under fire this week after the Taylor Swift “Eras” tour pre-sale debacle. 

Nov 22 2022

Ticketmaster is under fire this week after the Taylor Swift “Eras” tour pre-sale debacle. Devoted fans who received a special access code to purchase concert tickets ahead of the general sale ended up in a “fight to the death” on Ticketmaster’s website. The registration saw the highest number of people registering to see a concert in history with over 3.5M fans signing up at once and with the high traffic on the site, a slew of problems ensued. Fans were left to wait in a lobby, then a waiting room, then a queue without having to enter their code first, which attracted an unprecedented number of fans and bots alike. For those who were able to finally begin buying tickets after waiting for over four hours, seats were sold out. Swifties took to Twitter and TikTok to express their discouragement over the Hunger Games-like experience and even government officials chimed in on the situation, claiming that Ticketmaster is a monopoly that needs to be reined in. YPulse research shows that Taylor Swift is one of Gen Z and Millennials’ favorite music artists and our Experiences report data shows that over a quarter are interested in attending a large concert / festival this year. (TechCrunchCNN)