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Some influencers are using depression as a marketing tool (in a bad way). 

Nov 22 2022

Some influencers are using depression as a marketing tool (in a bad way). As mental health discussions become more open online, influencers are playing key roles in sparking them—but it can come off as a little tone deaf. For example, a group of wellness influencers ran a series of Instagram posts with captions like, “When you are depressed, everything can often seem black and white. Meanwhile, color is much nicer … But how can you add color to your miserable thoughts? One factor that can help is light. Sun. Let’s shine. ‘Sun ‘n’ Soul Retreat’.” Promotions for the retreat that showed influencers doing yoga, Pilates, and painting at a luxury villa ignited backlash from Instagram viewers and mental health organizations who warn “depression is not a marketing tool” and expensive wellness retreats can’t be advertised as an end-all-be-all solution for depression, anxiety, or alcoholism (all of which the retreat says it will cure). YPulse’s Mental Health report data shows that the majority (69%) of Gen Z and Millennials think brands should be encouraging open discussions about mental health—but it has to be done meaningfully. (CNBC)