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French ski resorts are diversifying their services to adapt to climate change. 

Nov 17 2022

French ski resorts are diversifying their services to adapt to climate change. An increasing number of ski resorts are facing a crisis with the impending shortage of snow due to global warming. Fake snow does not seem like the most environmentally-friendly solution to address the upcoming issue—though U.S. resorts are choosing this option—so European resorts are trying to diversify their offerings instead. La Plagne, a famous ski resort in the French Alps, is rapidly expanding the range of activities it offers to tourists; instead of heading for the slopes, visitors can now choose to enjoy bobsleighing, electric Moonbiking, adult sledding, hiking, and snowshoeing. Wellness activities such as going to the spa, sauna, and “ski sophrology” are on the list, too—tapping into Millennials’ love for wellness-integrated travel plansThree in five young consumers in Western Europe say climate change is an immediate threat to human life, so the move to eco-tourism is likely to resonate with these eco-conscious travelers. (iNews)