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Unhappy Twitter users are moving over to Mastodon—but what is it? 

Nov 10 2022

Unhappy Twitter users are moving over to Mastodon—but what is it? Yesterday, YPulse mentioned the mysterious app is gaining popularity among previous Twitter users and has reached 1M monthly users, according to Mastodon’s founder. Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Mastodon’s previously small platform is struggling to keep up with the sudden influx. Searches for the German-based company have been spiking on Google and young people’s interest in it has a lot to do with the platform’s commitment to regulating hate speech, a fear Twitter users have over Musk’s free speech initiatives. Mastodon says it “will only promote servers that ‘are consistently committed to moderation against racism, sexism, and transphobia.’” They use “servers” that anyone can use, and rather than signing up for an account on a website, users can choose to join these independent servers that are “hosted by an individual or organization, and can have its own rules around moderation.” (NYT, AdAge)