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GIPHY is now available through the new GIPHY Arts app on Roku. 

Nov 10 2022

GIPHY is now available through the new GIPHY Arts app on Roku. This week, GIPHY’s art division is bringing GIF art and artists to Roku device users’ TV screens. On the new Public Axis channel, viewers will be able to support artists by accessing GIPHY Clips which include short-form, 30 second videos with audio made by commissioned artists. Viewers can explore a ton of shorts on Public Axis’ channel, including artist series like ListenMi’s “Remote Work Tales,” a popular animated mini-series documenting the WFH experience. This is the first time artists who’ve made content for mobile devices will have a dedicated channel to view on TV; however, its launch comes at the same time YouTube is introducing their own ability to play YouTube Shorts on TV. YPulse’s Media Consumption report data shows that 48% of Gen Z would prefer to watch a short video than a long one. (TechCrunch)