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PacSun is amping up their metaverse experiences this holiday season. 

Nov 10 2022

PacSun is amping up their metaverse experiences this holiday season. Their holiday campaign features the “Pacverse,” a fictional play on the metaverse with Gen Z in mind, portraying an “upside-down world, icy wonderland, and futuristic airport terminal.” In a video showing their new holiday looks, PacSun uses futuristic retro vibes (reminiscent of The Jetsons) with virtual reality headsets taking a group of friends through the Pacverse’s funky realms—and various NFTs will be released based on these locations. Plus, the brand will be adding on to their Roblox activation, PacWorld, where they’re opening a holiday gift shop and virtual try-on station for their apparel. YPulse’s metaverse trend report shows that 73% of young people like when brands interact with their virtual world(s) and the fashion they see within them influences their purchasing decisions IRL. (Marketing Dive, Sourcing Journal)