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Are Boomers and Gen Z alike at work? 

Nov 10 2022

Are Boomers and Gen Z alike at work? While the two gens’ preferences for how they like to work and their workplace values may be different, their reasons for why they work is actually quite the same. Boomers prefer working in-office, dedicating more time to their work, and are used to staying loyal to one company. Meanwhile, Gen Z is fueling new trends in the workplace, where they like remote work, value a work-life balance, and are not afraid to quit if their needs aren’t met. However, according to an Indeed survey of 1K full-time employees, both Boomers and Gen Z say their top workplace motivator is “challenging and meaningful work.” In YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend report, 88% of Gen Z workers say that helping people and making a difference is important to them when thinking about their careers. (Fortune)