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New fast fashion brands are coming for SHEIN by adopting similar business models. 

Nov 09 2022

New fast fashion brands are coming for SHEIN by adopting similar business models. The grip fast fashion has on Gen Z is real—YPulse research shows SHEIN is young consumers’ fourth favorite place to shop online or off. While our trend report The Cause Conundrum dives into their complicated relationship with the fast fashion industry, we know ultimately the majority of Gen Z and Millennials look for the trends they see on social media for the cheapest price possible. New online brands Temu and Urban Revivo are jumping on the opportunity, posing a threat to the fast fashion giant with their surging growth among “China’s online shopping sphere, lowering costs by letting customers buy directly from manufacturers.” Temu offers SHEIN-like products (and prices) even for groceries and pet supplies. Similarly, Urban Revivo became “the No.1 women’s clothing brand on shopping platform Taobao in June… with its ‘fast fashion and affordable luxury’ tagline and target audience of 18- to 35-year-olds in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia, the overlap is clear.” (Mintlounge)