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What on earth does mayonnaise have to do with Juicy Couture track suits? 

Nov 07 2022

What on earth does mayonnaise have to do with Juicy Couture track suits? Kraft Real Mayo is teaming up with Juicy Couture for a new condiment-inspired look. The Smooth Lover’s Collection is targeting Y2K nostalgia with a new deep blue velour track suit that reads “LONG LIVE VELVETY” on the back of the jacket and “SMOOTH” on the back side of the pants, along with a cream tube top that reads “Mayo Couture.” The collection also includes bejeweled tube tops that consumers can dress up their mayo bottles with to match. This is Kraft Heinz’s second dip into the fashion industry (remember their ketchup stained Thredup partnership?) and they’ve been working on several unexpected campaigns to reach young consumers, like their vegetarian vampire during Halloween and their ketchup / mustard flavored chips. This time their focus is centered on Gen Z and Millennials’ interest in luxury goods. YPulse’s Luxury report data shows that of all luxury items, young consumers are most interested in purchasing luxury clothing. (Marketing Dive)