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Gen Z crying about their breakups online may actually be a good thing. 

Nov 07 2022

Gen Z crying about their breakups online may actually be a good thing. We know Gen Z loves being authentic on their favorite app; they’re more open to posting unedited, unfiltered content with millions of strangers than they are with their closer friends on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Experts note that grieving rituals “help mourners feel that they aren’t alone in their sadness” and crying on TikTok is an unsurprising coping mechanism to them. Since Gen Z has extremely high depression, anxiety, and empathetic feelings, they are prone to sharing their inner thoughts in the online spaces they spend the most time. YPulse’s Mental Health report data shows that the majority of Gen Z (54%) agree that mental health is not just a personal matter and that it’s okay to talk about online. (Insider)