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Young women are working to prevent TikTok’s controversial “Almond Mom” trend. 

Nov 01 2022

Young women are working to prevent TikTok’s controversial “Almond Mom” trend. It all started when clips of supermodel mom Yolanda Hadid criticizing her daughters’ eating habits went viral. In one of the concerning videos, she tells a hungry and weak Gigi Hadid, to just “have a couple of almonds, and chew them really well.” Under the hashtag #AlmondMom (currently at 6.8M views) on TikTok, users are striking up much needed conversations on eating disorders and moms with orthorexia, a condition that can make people grow toxically obsessed with “proper” or “healthy” eating. Young women are sharing their own “Almond Mom” horror stories and times their mothers have harmfully impacted the way they view their bodies. YPulse’s What is Wellness trend report digs into how young people are ditching the toxic wellness and diet culture that was heavily present when Millennials were growing up; now, they’re prioritizing feeling good—and wellness can look a ton of different ways to them. (NBC)