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Oscar Mayer is giving away a lifetime supply of bacon for World Vegan Day. 

Oct 28 2022

Oscar Mayer is giving away a lifetime supply of bacon for World Vegan Day. No, you read that right. On November 1st, the brand is kicking off the global holiday by pledging to “BacOFF” instead of “BacON” and abstain from eating bacon (for the time being). Consumers who prove that they’ll stay away from bacon will be given the chance to win a lifetime supply (oh the irony). To join the pledge, those interested will need to comment on the brand’s Instagram or Facebook post and tag two people using the hashtags #OscarMayerBacOff and #Sweepstakes. To promote the giveaway, Oscar Mayer will be removing bacon from its “paid media and blur, censor or remove bacon from its social media.” The campaign stems from research that shows that “53% of vegans leave their diets in pursuit of bacon,” and the brand has taken this opportunity to play with the stat. YPulse’s Social and Mobile Marketing report shows that while young consumers love when brands have a sense of humor, only 10% say they’ve participated in a brand challenge. (Marketing Dive)