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Is TikTok fueling Millennial foodie culture? 

Oct 28 2022

Is TikTok fueling Millennial foodie culture? According to a recent MGH report on the app’s influence on culinary habits, “53% of Millennials have ordered food from a restaurant after seeing it on TikTok.” The survey also found that 30% of respondents say they’ve traveled “farther than they normally would to try a TikTok-famous bite,” and 28% say that they’ve “exceeded their normal food budgets in order to eat at those establishments.” The proves how TikTok is changing the way Millennial foodies behave and more importantly how they spend their money. On top of more small restaurants getting discovered, young consumers’ favorite food brands are seeing major engagement. For example, Taco Bell received more than 57M views when it advertised the return of its Mexican pizza (with a promo song from Doja Cat). YPulse’s The End of Foodie Culture (As We Know It) trend report shows Millennials are the generation most interested in food content on social media. (Tubefilter)