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Apocalyptic pop songs are appealing to Gen Z’s climate anxiety and fears. 

Oct 28 2022

Apocalyptic pop songs are appealing to Gen Z’s climate anxiety and fears. Similar to blasting sad ballads after a bad breakup, Gen Z is tuning into music about the end of the world to wallow in their environmental-related despair. YPulse research shows that the majority of Gen Z says climate change is an immediate threat. But while 68% of this generation feels it’s up to them to help stop climate change, they’re also angry that brands and organizations are quick to blame individuals over larger and more harmful business practices. Gen Z’s perception about the future is changing for the worse and can be seen in the “memes they make, the way they relate to their peers and families, and even the music they listen to.” Songs that describe the world ending in floods, droughts, fires, and overall environmental doom, like Hozier’s “Wasteland, Baby!,” Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer,” and Soccer Mommy’s “newdemo” are really resonating with young people. (Vox)