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ABC is gearing up for their new reality show, The Parent Test. 

Oct 28 2022

ABC is gearing up for their new reality show, The Parent Test. Based on the original version of the show in Australia, the U.S. take on the series will follow twelve families who are put under ultimate tests and pressures that cause them to make parenting decisions in their own style. After running through various situations, the families are then counseled by Dr. Adolph Brown, “a master teacher and clinical psychologist who serves as the show’s parenting expert.” Comedian Ali Wentworth, who will host the show, says, “I hope it starts much more of a national conversation about how we’re raising our kids…I think what the pandemic did was throw all the old ideas about parenting out the window.” Premiering mid December, the show will bring multiple parenting styles to light and ultimately educate parents on how to better manage stressful household challenges. YPulse’s parenting report shows that Millennial parents are open to advice and the majority are seeking it out from sources they trust. (Variety)