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Twitch is burning bridges with its creators following new plans for pay cuts. 

Oct 26 2022

Twitch is burning bridges with its creators following new plans for pay cuts. The platform recently revealed that they were going to take a larger cut from streamers’ subscription revenue and even pressured creators to include more ads in their videos. At the recent San Diego TwitchCon, creators like @HasanAbi (2.3M followers), commented how it’s absurd that a company as large as Amazon, (who purchased the platform in 2014) is forcing Twitch to “squeeze more revenue out of its top creators.” Hasan even handed out newspaper-like flyers at his TwitchCon booth that read, “Twitch Steals 30% of Revenue From Content Creators.” Starting next June, streamers with premium tier subscriptions will have to split their earnings 50-50 with Twitch after their first $100,000, which will affect several hundred creators. YPulse told you how Twitch has become a youth marketing mainstay and our Celebrities and Influencers report data shows that a quarter of Gen Z males say the platform has their favorite online celebrities. (NYT)