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The latest brand to be called out for greenwashing is…a bank! 

Oct 26 2022

The latest brand to be called out for greenwashing is…a bank! HSBC has just been asked by the U.K. advertising regulator to remove a series of ads featuring the tagline “Climate Change Doesn’t Do Borders,” following complaints from environmental activists. The London-based bank had been advertising about its efforts to be sustainable for a while now, but this time it’s been considered greenwashing. Young Europeans rely on brands to help them fight climate change, with 82% saying they think brands should talk to consumers about climate change. But those brands need to be cautious, as young people are increasingly on the lookout for ads and campaigns that are misleading the public with false claims about their green actions. YPulse already informed you that three heavy-hitters in Western Europe have been accused of greenwashing recently. With climate change being the top issue Gen Z and Millennials in WE say their generation is facing, it’s no wonder these gens expect brands to take the environment seriously. (AdWeek)