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For young workers, emojis can make or break online communication. 

Oct 25 2022

For young workers, emojis can make or break online communication. According to a recent viral Reddit thread, emojis can cause workplace “divides” between generations and how they interpret the meanings of certain emojis. For example, Gen Z can sometimes consider “👍” rude or passive aggressive. Some even believe “😭, ❤️, and 👏 to be cringeworthy,” according to a 2021 poll by Perspectus Global. To Gen Z, even a simple smiley face can be completely misconstrued. With more remote work, incidents of miscommunication are increasingly more likely. Despite workplace chats growing more lax over the years, according to Loom, a video messaging platform, “91% of workers say their messages have been misunderstood or misinterpreted.” YPulse research shows that Gen Z is more comfortable communicating on digital platforms—but they also don’t always shy away from in-person interactions. (Axios)