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To be honest, Gas is quickly becoming one of Gen Z’s favorite new apps. 

Oct 20 2022

To be honest, Gas is quickly becoming one of Gen Z’s favorite new apps. Gas is a new app that aims to spread kindness in a pretty harsh social media world (brought to you from one of the co-creators of TBH, an app Facebook snatched up and left for dead five years ago). Gas works by asking teens multiple-choice style questions about their peers at school, and lets users categorize their friends under “yearbook-style superlatives such as ‘the most beautiful person you have ever met’ or the classmate who is ‘never afraid of getting in trouble.’” The idea is that there is nothing negative to be said, and users are meant to (in Gen Z terms) “gas each other up.” Those selected in a poll are notified with flame emojis that they’ve been chosen. Last week, Gas was able to reach the top of the App Store charts even though it’s only available in a select number of states. What’s most appealing to young users is that the votes are anonymous, (unless users make in-app purchases to see their secret admirers). (WSJ)