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Moms are feeling more pressure post-pandemic, not less. 

Oct 20 2022

Moms are feeling more pressure post-pandemic, not less. The pandemic was particularly stressful for Millennial parents—and moms even more so. Millennial women were more likely than their male peers and partners to leave the workforce to take care of their kids, with 34% of Millennial females who resigned in the last year saying they did so to be a stay-at-home parent compared to only 4% of males. Meanwhile, studies showed that women who were working from home “felt particularly vulnerable” to losing their jobs as homeschooling took away much of their time, attention, and availability, and that moms with young children had to cut down their work hours up to five times more than dads to take on child care, homeschooling, and household responsibilities. As life returns to normal, it would seem that the stress levels of Millennial moms would, too. But a recent study from Everyday Health Group found that American moms’ rate of anxiety is at the same level as it was early in the pandemic: 68% say they are experiencing anxiety, and 35% report their current levels being “moderate” to “severe.” Inflation is the main cause of this stress, followed by feeling pressure to be at home to “follow and guide their child’s developmental and emotional progress.” (Yahoo News)