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The golden age of the Latinx superhero still isn’t here. 

Oct 18 2022

The golden age of the Latinx superhero still isn’t here. Tenoch Huerta spoke to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comic con crowd and dedicated his work to inclusion efforts saying, “I wouldn’t be here without inclusion, and a lot of kids out there in their hood [are] looking at us, dreaming to be here, and they’re going to make it.” While Hollywood is making major moves towards incorporating Latinx superheroes on screen, namely with Xochitl Gomez, Oscar Issac, Xolo Maridueña in DC’s upcoming Blue Beetle, and singer Bad Bunny in Marvel’s upcoming El Muerto, there are still more Latinx people behind the scenes than those who are being represented in media. As Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, the creator of the superhero series La Borinqueña, put it, “That voice, that truly sincere Latinx voice, is what most mainstream publishers miss. It’s a reflection of our need to have more representation. Not only so that our characters are present in these stories, but [so] that our shared collective experiences are visible.” YPulse research shows BIPOC Gen Z and Millennials want to see some of their favorite superheroes recast with BIPOC characters the most, with Batman as their first choice. (HuffPost)