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Young people want LGBTQ+ representation in ads to be more authentic.

Oct 14 2022

Young people want LGBTQ+ representation in ads to be more authentic. YPulse’s research clearly shows that Gen Z is more likely to identify as LGBTQ+, and while increased representation of LGBTQ+ individuals is appreciated, there’s more progress to be made. Research from nonprofit Do the WeRQ shows that the number of consumers who have seen “LGBTQ+ representation” in an ad in the last year has increased significantly, but the desire to see more has increased as well. Respondents were far more likely to have seen these ads in “‘content made specifically for the community’—such as spots aired during TV shows aimed at LGBTQ+ audiences” rather than “mainstream” content. The implication is that brands are not including LGBTQ+ representation in larger campaigns, and might be rainbow washing or virtue signaling only at certain times of the year. (AdAge)