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Young luxury fashion brands are using sustainability to lure Gen Z shoppers.

Oct 14 2022

Young luxury fashion brands are using sustainability to lure Gen Z shoppers. From Patrick McDowell to Lisi Herrebrugh to Botter, high-end brands are increasingly tapping into young people’s eco-conscious mindsets by using sustainable materials, releasing made-to-order lines, and promoting green living—while also focusing on Y2K designs, creating modern silhouettes, and offering mid-range luxury pricing. While YPulse has long said that young people are interested in sustainable products, their behaviors don’t always align with their values. Our new Cause Conundrum trend research shows that price is young people’s biggest barrier to entry, leading them to turn to mass merch retailers and fast fashion, which offer trendy ‘fits at affordable prices but are not the greenest options. Meanwhile, young consumers are also interested in owning luxury products—but not at luxury prices. By creating trendy designs that are both sustainable and more affordable, new luxury brands have a chance of reaching next-gen shoppers. (Glossy)