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Sephora is making a well-anticipated comeback to the U.K. market.

Oct 14 2022

Sephora is making a well-anticipated comeback to the U.K. market. Fans of beauty products in the United Kingdom are having a moment: the French beauty care company Sephora announced it will open its virtual and IRL doors to the U.K. The LVMH-owned brand was present in the U.K. market in the past, but closed all its stores in 2005, and has not even opened an online shopping platform for the country since then. Sephora is one of the hottest beauty brands for young European females, ranking number six on their list, so the announcement will surely be welcome by young consumers. The online store is due to open next week, which is timely as many young consumers plan to do early holiday shopping this year. But young Brits will have to wait a few months to go to Sephora’s physical stores, as the brand said the first will open in the Spring of 2023. (Time Out)