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Bupa’s new ad promotes the diversity of wellness culture.

Oct 14 2022

Bupa’s new ad promotes the diversity of wellness culture. British health care provider BUPA launched an ad aiming showing more diverse images of what health means. Bupa’s short video-clip “This Is Health” shows that health is not just “white coats and stethoscopes” or a quantifiable concept but has different meanings to everyone. In the WE What is Wellness? Trend Report, YPulse told you how young consumers challenge preconceived ideas of what wellness should be—think strict diet routines—and are embracing a more holistic approach to the concept. Three-in-four young Europeans are proactively working on their wellness to feel good about themselves. By showing people sleeping, taking care of their mental health, being diagnosed with cancer, falling in love, exercising, and sleeping well, BUPA is tapping into this new definition of health and wellness. (The Drum)