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Nike released a new campaign to end the stigma around Black swimmers.

Oct 14 2022

Nike released a new campaign to end the stigma around Black swimmers.The brand decided to tackle the little-known topic of discrimination in the swimming pool. A study from 2021 found that only 2% of regular swimmers in England are Black. As part of the campaign, the short film “Fear of the Water” by U.K. artist Prince-Fraser was released, coupled with a photo exhibition at The Black and White Store in London. The short video clip narrates what emotions a young Black boy goes through when entering a swimming pool. If you follow YPulse’s insights, you know that Nike is young Europeans’ favorite American brand. And it’s more than that: young people feel a real sense of connection and belonging with the brand. When we ask 13-39-year-olds in Western Europe, “Is there a brand you consider yourself a fan of and part of their community?” their top answer was—you guessed it—“Nike.” With “Fear of the Water” and the associated photography campaign, Nike is reaching young gens by condemning discrimination in sports once again. (Campaign)