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A new app is helping teens manage and improve their mental health.

Oct 14 2022

A new app is helping teens manage and improve their mental health. Currently in beta mode, RxWell was developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in response to the “alarming rise” of mental health issues in young people in recent years. Aiming to reach them where they already are—a.k.a. on their phones—the app teaches teens how to relax, meditate, and better tolerate stress through exercises and behavioral tracking. So far, research shows that 73% of app users have seen a reduction in anxiety, while 57% reported lower levels of depression. Mental health has been a top issue for Gen Z and Millennials for a long time, but the pandemic (and all the crises they’ve faced since) have led to what some experts are calling a mental health crisis among young people. YPulse’s mental health research shows that mental health is the top thing young consumers say was negatively impacted by the pandemic, and the vast majority have experienced burnout. Meanwhile, two-thirds have tried or are interested in trying a mindfulness / meditation smartphone app to help boost their mental health. (Today)