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Brands need to be connecting with Gen Z’s many subcultures instead of demographics. 

Oct 08 2022

Brands need to be connecting with Gen Z’s many subcultures instead of demographics. According to a Horizon Media study, “91% of 18–25-year-olds say there’s no such thing as ‘mainstream’ pop culture.” Gen Z is overall more passionate about their subcultures and niche communities than they are about how pop culture was traditionally displayed in media as one general aspiration. Thanks to social media algorithms catering to users’ specific tastes, marketers should be “[following] them through the labyrinth of personalized worlds they discover through their unique interests.” Some of the main emerging subcultures across various industries include female gamers, scientific “edutainers,” maximalists, UP-thrifters, and beauty ASMR-tists. YPulse’s Pop Culture Redefined trend report shows that Gen Z’s personal interests are more likely to grab their attention than news coverage, and pop culture moments have to go viral for them to care. (Yahoo! Finance)