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LinkedIn has evolved beyond a job searching platform—now users are unabashedly oversharing. 

Sep 27 2022

LinkedIn has evolved beyond a job searching platform—now users are unabashedly oversharing. The volume of content about topics other than “I’m looking for a position in…” or “I’m happy to announce…” has greatly increased over the course of the pandemic. The platform saw that users were more frequently sharing personal stories about their mental health, burnout, family illnesses, and even wedding announcements. As co-workers were looking for a way to connect in 2020, they flocked to LinkedIn and found that it had turned into a welcoming environment that even began to address social justice and political issues that were taboo for most office settings previously. Yet some users don’t like the open discussion the app has turned into and are saying that the content they come to look for (job listings, recruitment opportunities, etc.) is getting lost among a string of oversharing threads. Now, recruiters are using other platforms to look for Gen Z employees like TikTok and Instagram. (NYT)