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Tile is creating “Lost and Found” QR code stickers to add to their hardware collection. 

Sep 23 2022

Tile is creating “Lost and Found” QR code stickers to add to their hardware collection. Instead of tacking on a Bluetooth linked device like Apple’s AirTags, Tile is creating a simple solution to items that can go missing, like a reusable water bottle, school books, headphone cases, and instruments. The stickers come in three sheets of fifteen stickers for $14.99 that feature a QR code (with the Tile logo of course) that leads to the owner’s contact information. For those with privacy concerns, only one method of contact is needed and it’s intended to function like putting your phone number on your dog’s collar. A new separate email or virtual phone number can also be linked to the QR code instead of an address. While AirTags are posing problems with stalking and car-jacking, Tile’s stickers are a simpler and safer option for when a Bluetooth tracker is not suitable for a particular item. YPulse research shows young consumers are using QR codes more than you may think—and they’re interested in using them for a lot more. (TechCrunchThe Verge)